Are you looking for the solution to all of your motorcycle cleaning needs? Then the products from Autosol are the answer to your questions. The brand is based on innovation, quality and a sincere passion for the look of a brilliant shine.

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Plenty of the Autosol products have been rewarded with the prestigious gold medal of the Monde Selection by the International Institute for Quality Selections in Belgium. Because the Autosol metal polish has won the gold medal three times, it’s now known as ‘the world’s best’’!

In our range you can find lots of Autosol products, to give your cafe racer its shine back. Not only do you get to enjoy a wide selection of polishes, coatings and other cleaning products, but also fast shipping and personal advice when needed. We’re happy to help you along the way of your cafe racer project!

The history of Autosol

Autosol started out as a manufacturer of metal polishes and surface polishes in the USA. Over the years Autosol has expanded to a worldwide company that sells products in more than 70 countries and has 3 manufacturing facilities around the world. Autosol’s center of attention and focus has always been professional quality. Autosol has become not only a manufacturer of its own products, but also one of the manufacturers for BMW, Mercedes Benz, Audi and Volkswagen. Some products are also made for Ford, Toyota, Nissan, Texaco and Shell.

Autosol metal polish

In our range you will find the much praised metal polish by Autosol. This polish is suitable for all kinds of metal surfaces and will get rid of tarnish from weathered surfaces and even light corrosion. The ingredients also provide a protective coating on the metal parts of your cafe racer! Besides polish for all kinds of metal, you’ll also find polishes for specific metals such as golden and silver surfaces and parts made of aluminium.

Autosol rust remover

Unfortunately where there’s metal, there’s often also problems with rust. With the Autosol products you’re able to easily remove rust from metal and give your cafe racer a brilliant shine! In our range we have rust treatment products for metals such as copper, bronze and iron, but also rust remover for stainless steel parts.

Autosol ceramic coating

To give the ceramic parts of your motorcycle the best protection, you can use the Autosol ceramic coating products. It’s the best ceramic coating to seal ceramic details and protect them from UV radiation and other weather phenomena. The ceramic coating is easy to apply and polish with. It makes the surface more scratch resistant and much easier to clean afterwards.

Autosol stainless steel cleaner

Because most cafe racers are subject to all kinds of weather conditions you need to protect it as much as possible. In our webshop you’ll find plenty of products that will ensure you of the best protection. Autosol offers the best stainless steel cleaner to protect the SST parts of your motorcycle. Like the 3 in 1 stainless steel cleaner: it loosens the soil, cleans the metal surface and leaves a protective layer.

Autosol leather cleaner

Over time the artificial leather of your cafe racer seat can get a more worn out look and even chip or crumble. Luckily we have the solution for you in our range of Autosol products: here you’ll find everything you need for the leather care of your cafe racer seat. The quality ingredients will keep the leather supple and smooth. The Autosol leather cleaner will give the leather care, a silky-matt shine and protection. 

Need help choosing your Autosol polish?

Still not sure what’s the best Autosol product for cleaning and polishing your cafe racer parts? Don’t hesitate to contact us! A fellow motorcycle enthusiast will be happy to help you continue or start your cafe racer project!