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Sealant Dirko H2 90gr

Sealant Dirko H2 90gr

Sealant Dirko H2 90gr
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Gemakkelijk te verwerken en dicht goed af.
Sealant Dirko H2 90gr

Dirko Sealing Compound HT Red

High temperature sealant. For use also without disassembly.

Elring the original

Dirko sealing compounds, permanently elastic, cold vulcanizing; silicone-rubber based.Dirko HT 705.705: acetat curing, temperature stability -50°C to +250°C, brief periods up +300°C.

Typical applications:

Cars: connecting joints, cylinder head, crankcase, oil sump, timing case, theromostat, water pump, transmission, axles, differential, radiator, chassis (cannot be overpainted).

Motorcycles: Crankcase, cylinder block

Other applications: Engines, machines and assemblies, for hobbies and do-it-yourselfers.



Clean the surfaces that are to be sealed and remove all traces of grease. Apply Dirko and assemble the components (wet on wet).

When sealing externally without disassembling any parts, wait at least 30 minutes befor restarting.

Curing time approx 2mm/day.


temperature stability -50°C to +250°C, brief periods up to +300°C



90g / 70 ml

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Sealant Dirko H2 90gr
Sealant Dirko H2 90gr
Sealant Dirko H2 90gr