Chain Check-up

21 Dec 2018
by Laurens

Chain check-up!

One of the regular maintenance jobs on a dirt bike is checking the chain his tension and cleaning and greasing it.

Where to start

First up you want to clean the chain as much as possible, this will profit the life of the chain and minimise wear on both the chain and sprockets.

For cleaning you can use this:  

Putoline Chain & Engine Degreaser

Just apply the cleaner and let it soak in for a while, then use a cloth to clean the chain. Repeat twice for best result.

After cleaning we advice you to check the chain on wear and damage en also check the clip-lock for wear, Replace when necessary

War on link

Sample of a Worn out Master-link


Tension it the right way!


After cleaning and inspecting it it's time to check and adjust the tension of the chain.

The guys at Racer X made a very clear video about how the tension is checked and set:

Checked and adjusted the Tension?

After these steps it's time to grease the chain up, we advice :

Putoline DX11 Chain spray

Greasing the chain ain't that difficult, but a bike stand comes in handy.  Just put your bike in neutral and slowly turn the wheel the driving direction and grease up the chain from the inside.

The rotating force will put the all the goods in the right places.

Let it dry in for a while and you are ready to go!


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