For many years, Twin Air Factory Pre-Oiled filters were only available to the top professional race teams. The results were so good that we now offer the same factory treatment to everyone.
We start with an Original Dual-Stage Air Filter and completely submerge it in BIO Liquid Power Filter Oil. After the filter is massaged to ensure all pores are evenly coated with oil, it‰Ûªs placed in a temperature-controlled room to allow the oil to completely cure. You just open the resealable bag and install.


HONDACRF 450 R4502003ALL 
HONDACRF 250 R2502004ALL 
HONDACRF 450 R4502004ALL 
HONDACRF 250 R2502005ALL 
HONDACRF 450 R4502005ALL 
HONDACRF 250 R2502006ALL 
HONDACRF 450 R4502006ALL 
HONDACRF 250 R2502007ALL 
HONDACRF 450 R4502007ALL 
HONDACRF 250 R2502008ALL 
HONDACRF 450 R4502008ALL 
HONDACRF 250 R2502009ALL 
HONDACRF 250 X2502004AMERICA31 KW(42 PS)
HONDACRF 250 X2502004EUROPE31 KW(42 PS)
HONDACRF 450 X4502005ALL41 KW(56 PS)
HONDACRF 250 X2502005AMERICA31 KW(42 PS)
HONDACRF 250 X2502005EUROPE31 KW(42 PS)
HONDACRF 450 X4502006ALL41 KW(56 PS)
HONDACRF 250 X2502006AMERICA31 KW(42 PS)
HONDACRF 250 X2502006EUROPE31 KW(42 PS)
HONDACRF 250 X2502007ALL31 KW(42 PS)
HONDACRF 450 X4502007ALL41 KW(56 PS)
HONDACRF 250 X2502008ALL31 KW(42 PS)
HONDACRF 450 X4502008ALL41 KW(56 PS)
HONDACRF 250 X2502009ALL31 KW(42 PS)
HONDACRF 450 X4502009ALL41 KW(56 PS)
HONDACRF 250 X2502010ALL31 KW(42 PS)
HONDACRF 450 X4502010ALL41 KW(56 PS)
HONDACRF 250 X2502011ALL31 KW(42 PS)
HONDACRF 450 X4502011ALL41 KW(56 PS)
HONDACRF 450 X4502012ALL41 KW(56 PS)
HONDACRF 250 X2502012ALL31 KW(42 PS)
HONDACRF 250 X2502013ALL31 KW(42 PS)
HONDACRF 450 X4502013ALL41 KW(56 PS)
HONDACRF 450 X4502014ALL41 KW(56 PS)
HONDACRF 250 X2502014ALL31 KW(42 PS)
HONDACRF 450 X4502015ALL41 KW(56 PS)
HONDACRF 250 X2502015ALL31 KW(42 PS)
HONDACRF 450 X4502016ALL41 KW(56 PS)
HONDACRF 250 X2502016ALL31 KW(42 PS)
HONDACRF 250 X2502017ALL31 KW(42 PS)
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Twin Air Pre-Oiled Filter HONDA CRF250/450 '02-11
Twin Air
Pre-Oiled Filter HONDA CRF250/450 '02-11
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Pre-Oiled Filter HONDA CRF250/450 '02-11
Twin Air

Pre-Oiled Filter HONDA CRF250/450 '02-11

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