All Balls Keerringen en Stofhoes Kit 56-142

All Balls Racing Keerringen en Stofhoes Kit.

Reformed breakaway torque and 3-times low friction compared to OE shaft seals
Shaft seals sealed 3-fold
Patented Max-Life manufacturing, enlarges lifetime 3- or 4-times
Dust cover coated with a special grease, to improve responding qualities

HondaCRF 250 XME1120042004
HondaCRF 450 RPE0520022003
HondaCRF 450 RPE0520062008
HondaCRF 250 XME1120062006
HondaCRF 250 XME1120072007
HondaCRF 250 XME1120082008
HondaCRF 250 XME1120092009
HondaCRF 250 XME1120102010
HondaCRF 250 XME1120112011
HondaCRF 250 XME1120122012
HondaCRF 250 XME1120132013
HondaCRF 250 XME1120142014
HondaCRF 250 XME1120052005
HondaCRF 450 RPE0520042004
HondaCRF 450 RPE0520052005
KawasakiKX 250 F 4TKX250T20082008
KawasakiKX 250 F 4TKX250W20092009
KawasakiKX 250 F 4TKX250X20102010
KawasakiKX 250 F 4TKX250V20112011
KawasakiKX 250 F 4TKX250V20122012
KawasakiKX 250 F 4TKX250Z20132013
KawasakiKX 250 F 4TKX250Z20142014
SuzukiRM-Z 450RL41C20052006
SuzukiDR-Z 400 SMBC111220052007
Triumph1600 ThunderbirdB16BA/0920092010
Buell1125 R---20082009
Buell1125 CR---20092009
SuzukiRM-Z 250RJ41A20072009
Triumph1600 ThunderbirdB16BA/0920112012
HondaCRF 250 RME1020042004
HondaCRF 250 RME1020052005
HondaCRF 250 RME1020062006
HondaCRF 250 RME1020072007
HondaCRF 250 RME1020082008
HondaCRF 250 RME1020092009
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All Balls Keerringen en Stofhoes Kit 56-142
All Balls
Keerringen en Stofhoes Kit 56-142
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Keerringen en Stofhoes Kit 56-142
All Balls

Keerringen en Stofhoes Kit 56-142

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