Moto Master


Moto-Master’s mission is to improve the riding experience on motorcycles by providing the best brake setup as possible. Moto-Master has been manufacturing brake discs since 1996 and always strived for innovation. Populair models are the ultra-lite discs, the floating discs, and later-on, the revolutionary Flame-discs, which has given Moto-Masters a solid reputation as a leading aftermarket brake systems manufacturer.

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Moto Master

Moto-Master was founded in 1997 by Gaston Veron near Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Gaston was a young mechanical engineer and a passionate off-road motorcycle rider. Gaston was not satisfied with the performance of the standard brake rotors on his motorcycle, so he decided to create his own brake rotor in his parents’ garage.

The testing was done on a local MX track and it soon proved there is much more to producing a reliable performance brake rotor than what initially meets the eye. Gaston kept improving his design over the years and the Moto-Master’s brake systems now represent one of the finest lines of replacement and high-performance motorcycle brake systems available.

In 2011, Founder Gaston Veron passed away after an off-road riding accident but the spirit lives on! Through the years, Moto-Master won many National, European and World Championship titles in almost all disciplines of motorcycle sports and the winning brand in today’s MX Grand Prix racing.

Brake Rotors

Moto-Master offers several brake rotors with different specifications. Namely, the Halo brake disc and Flame Brake Disc; which can be a floating disc or fixed disc.

Moto-Master Halo Brake Rotors

The Moto-Master Halo Series sets a new standard in aftermarket circular-round design brake rotors. Its premium quality stainless steel outer ring allows for high-performance braking while at the same time extremely durable. The Moto-Master Halo series got its name from its halo-like shape. The Moto-Master Halo Brake rotors are available for most motorcycles of BMW, Honda, KTM, Yamaha, Suzuki, Triumph, and Ducati.



Moto-Master Flame Brake Rotors

The premium quality steel alloy from which the Moto-Master flame brake rotors are built to give it unmatched friction characteristics and durability. The unique flame design also helps the superior performance of a Moto-Master brake rotors in several ways.

The flame-shaped venting slots ensure an equal amount of contact surface between the brake pad and disc throughout the whole rotation of the disc. This results in smooth and more predictable braking action which allows you to brake harder.

Also, the flame-shaped venting slots are lined up in the linear direction of movement which allows oversize slots without them chipping away at the brake pads.

Moreover, the Flame shaped outer perimeter and venting slots overlap to continuously clean the whole brake pad contact surface while hot gasses are immediately evacuated.

Lastly, the rotor is fitted to the inner carrier using a lightweight design stainless steel floater for maximum strength and durability.

The Moto-Master Flame Brake rotors are available for most motorcycles of BMW, Honda, KTM, Yamaha, Suzuki, Triumph, and Ducati.

Floating brake discs and fixed brake discs

Brake discs are usually fixed or floating.

Floating brake discs have a small amount of movement between the inner mounting and outer friction surfaces of the rotor. This is achieved by using a multi-piece design consisting of an inner part and outer part that are joined by special rivets. This design enables the outer and inner parts to shrink and expand independently from each other as the brakes are heated and cooled.

Fixed brake discs are usually one piece of laser-cut stainless steel with cutouts for cooling and weight reduction. These are typically cheaper since they are manufactured in one piece. Since the rotors are one piece; the wheel hub does not move more than the outside friction surface of the rotor which contacts the brake pads.