The original Fichtel & Sachs company was founded in Schweinfurt in 1895 and was a well-known German family business. As an independent company, the company's surname was Fichtel & Sachs AG.

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The Sachs brand stands for quality parts that are particularly reliable, safe and durable, Made in Germany. The company guarantees this through extensive, many years of know-how, innovative technology and the highest quality.

The SACHS product range includes spare parts for every need and covers almost all vehicle models in the European and Asian vehicle market.

Service is very important to SACHS. That is why you will find, for example, various SACHS coupling kits for trouble-free installation. There is a separate product brand for the tuning: SACHS Performance, which offers ambitious drivers excellent coilovers and tuning clutches.

The clutches for motorcycles. Decades ago, every BMW motorcycle that rolled off the assembly line had a high-quality SACHS engine clutch on board. This guarantees optimum reliability, perfection and dynamics and is particularly durable. SACHS clutches for BMW motorcycles consist of engine coupling plates, engine diaphragm springs, engine coupling plates, engine coupling housing plates and engine coupling housings - all made exclusively from high-quality materials and the latest state of engine technology.