D.I.D Kettingset KTM 450 EXC / 690 Enduro
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Kettingset KTM 450 EXC / 690 Enduro

D.I.D. PREMIUM X-Ring Chain Kit
Suited for KTM 450EXC 06-13, 690 Enduro 08-14, etc..

D.I.D. Extremely strong, durable and efficient. The chains are renowned for their high efficiency combined with smooth, fast reaction to load changes the result of years of development work for the race track plus state-of-the-art production methods and top-quality materials. The rigidity of a chain means its ability to resist deformation and stretching.
The secret behind the astonishing performance of these chains is D.I.D's exclusive hardening process for the pins. This special treatment produces an extremely hard surface layer, while maintaining a softer inner core. These chains combine extreme impact resistance with efficient shock absorption. In addition, they are well protected against rust.
The specially shaped sealing rings significantly alter the friction area of the side plates. At the same time, doubling the number of sealing points from 2 to 4 has the effect of safeguarding far more effectively against lubricant loss, and also provides optimum protection against dirt.

ESJOT produces sprockets for this segment maintaining the most assorted warehouse in the industry. The use steel meets or exceeds highest OEM requirements. The high tensile strength of this material guarantees extreme long life. The aluminium sprockets are exclusively produced with Alu 7075, version T6. This hardened material guarantees the highest quality in conjunction with complete milling on CNCmachines. All ESJOT all sprockets are anodized.

Diamond-cut is an innovative manufacturing process to cut the teeth of chain driven sprockets resulting in a visibly higher sprocket quality than was ever possible on standard milled sprockets. Special tooling guarantees a super accurate cutting surface. At the same time the material is highly condensed in the area of the teeth flanges, so that in many cases additional heat treatment is no longer necessary. All sprockets are made from the best German steel to obtain a continued high quality product.

DID 520 ZVMX chain 877-118
ESJOT pinion gear 92-32051-15
ESJOT sprocket 92-32065-45

Barcode : 4054783138746
Type : ZVM-X
Colour : Gold & Gold
Chain Pitch : 520
Material : Steel
Brand : DID Kette und ESJOT Räder

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D.I.D Kettingset KTM 450 EXC / 690 Enduro
Kettingset KTM 450 EXC / 690 Enduro
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Kettingset KTM 450 EXC / 690 Enduro

Kettingset KTM 450 EXC / 690 Enduro

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