Ferodo Remblokken Eco Fritction Honda CR/CRF

Remblokken Eco Fritction Honda CR/CRF.

Both on and off the roads.

The range of brake pads from FERODO guarantees the best braking performance at all times. The brake shoes ensure reliable deceleration with good dosing capability.

- superior performance
- short braking distances
- Durability
- low noise

They have been tested on dynamometer test stands and on the road in order to ensure maximum braking performance even in extreme situations.

Delivery contents: 1 set

HondaCRF 250 XME1120042004
HondaCRF 450 RPE0520022003
HondaCRF 450 RPE0520062008
HondaCRF 250 XME1120062006
HondaCRF 250 XME1120072007
HondaCRF 250 XME1120082008
HondaCRF 250 XME1120092009
HondaCRF 250 XME1120102010
HondaCRF 250 XME1120112011
HondaCRF 250 XME1120122012
HondaCRF 250 XME1120132013
HondaCRF 250 XME1120142014
HondaCRF 250 XME1120052005
HondaCRF 450 RPE0520042004
HondaCRF 450 RPE0520052005
HondaCRF 450 R iePE0520092009
HondaCRF 450 R iePE0520102010
HondaCRF 450 R iePE0520112011
HondaCRF 450 R iePE0520122012
HondaCRF 450 R iePE0520132013
HondaCRF 250 RME1020042004
HondaCRF 250 RME1020052005
HondaCRF 250 RME1020062006
HondaCRF 250 RME1020072007
HondaCRF 250 RME1020082008
HondaCRF 250 RME1020092009
HondaCRF 250 R ieME1020102010
HondaCRF 250 R ie---20142014
HondaCRF 250 R ieME1020112011
HondaCRF 250 R ieME1020122012
HondaCRF 250 R ieME1020132013
HondaCRF 450 R iePE0520142014
HondaCRF 450 RPE0520152015
HondaCRF 450 RPE0520162016
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Ferodo Remblokken Eco Fritction Honda CR/CRF
Remblokken Eco Fritction Honda CR/CRF
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